Welcome to Pilates Midtown East!

If you ask ten people to define “happiness” right now, you will probably receive ten different answers in response. What makes you happy may not necessarily make your neighbor happy, but did you know that both your health and your level of physical fitness are the most important requisites to true happiness?

That’s where we come in! Here at Pilates Midtown East we are dedicated to helping you achieve – and maintain – a body that is strong, sculpted, and balanced. We are also here to ensure that you attain a sound mind so you’ll be better able to perform the many tasks that your everyday life will throw your way.

A strong body & a sound mind will leave you looking better, and feeling better at once.

Pilates Midtown East is also proud to bring the Pink Ribbon Program to our studio. Many clients have benefited from this program which is a Pilates based rehabilitative course

Experience the best Pilates Classes in NYC

Pilates Midtown East in NYC specializes in Private Pilates Sessions and small group classes. We proudly feature a full Pilates studio with top notch equipments that have helped thousands of New Yorkers loose weight, gain a strong body and maintain a perfect balance of body and mind.

Our experts at the Pilates Studio can create tailor made personal training classes and sessions as per your convenience. Through assessment of muscle imbalances, postural alignment, strength and flexibility each session is tailored to your individual needs.

It is our goal at Pilates Midtown East to ensure that you get the best Pilates classes of all studios in Manhattan and that too within your budget. Through our personal and group Pilates classes, we can help you find the perfect fitness routine for your body. Read more to find out about our Pilates training sessions.