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As we’ve already stated, your overall health & level of physical fitness is extremely important to your happiness. Yes, maintaining a strong body is a huge part of this equation, but so is maintaining a similarly strong MIND! So, what can we offer that will strengthen both your body as well as your mind?


Pilates is often referred to as the “intelligent workout”, and that is because Joseph Pilates – the creator of the exercise method which bears his name – devoted his life to studying the human body and demonstrated the benefits of “a perfect balance of body and mind”.

Pilates – a system of strengthening and stretching exercises – employs movements which focus on your efforts on fortifying the deeper core stabilizing muscles of your body. This is extremely beneficial because these are THE muscles responsible for protecting the your spine as well as other key parts of your body. By strengthening these muscles, you will ensure that your body will enjoy a safe and protected postural alignment in the face of whatever your day-to-day life throws at you!

The best part of all this is… ANYBODY can take Pilates classes !!

There is no age limit when it comes to improving your health and fitness levels. In fact, many different types of people – all with varying levels of fitness – who have integrated Pilates into their lives have routinely seen marked improvements in their general range of motion, circulation, flexibility, posture, and core abdominal strength. Pilates has also been known to decrease neck, back, and joint pain!

All of this goes hand in hand with what we do here at Pilates Midtown East.

We offer classes that will suit the needs and fitness levels of a wide range of people based on their age, fitness level, and determination. Whether you’re just looking for a fun way to exercise and stay healthy, or your a professional athlete who wants to maintain their current fitness level and perfect there technique, we will help! Maybe you’re a professional dancer with impeccable balance, or perhaps you’re recovering from a devastating injury; it doesn’t matter! You are welcome at Pilates Midtown East.

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Lauren Burns- personal trainer nyc

The Owner – Your Personal Trainer

Lauren, the owner of Pilates Midtown East and you personal trainer, understands the physical journey one must take to truly transform his/her body & mind.

Originally from Scotland, Lauren began her career as a dancer while in training at the Royal Ballet School in London. This is where she first encountered Pilates, and discovered just how beneficial it was.

After dancing professionally across Europe & the United States for several years, Lauren became certified as a Pilates instructor with Stott Pilates (

Lauren is a Master Trainer for the Pink Ribbon Program, and she takes great pride in holding workshops with healthcare professionals throughout the United States and Canada.

Lauren is also a certified Gyrotonic Instructor and is studying for a degree Osteopathy she is excited about bringing that level of teaching into her studio in the very near future.

Lauren is happy to tell you that Pilates Midtown East is centrally located on the East side of Midtown Manhattan, in the premises of C.A.T.S they offer some wonderful classes please take a look at their website We thank thank them for creating such a warm and friendly environment in which to work!